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Indroduce to facebook graph search

Facebook to launch one of the greatest product  in field of social networking known as “Facebook Graph Search”. Mark Zuckerberg  demonstrates  the  whole process in the form of press conference held on January 15,2013 at Menlo Park, Canada.  He announced that “Facebook Graph Search” will be their third pillar , other two is News Feed and Timeline. This feature is built of such a system which will revolutionalize the search habits of user.   It was a very challenging job which was almost impossible for the engineers to implement when this ideas first came out. But with constant effort and intelligence they have made it possible. Facebook graph search is in beta testing and will be open to all user in upcoming weeks.

Features of  Facebook Graph Search

Facebook graph search will be a totally new experience to search for specific things . Its  complete new way of getting information. Main Features of graph search is listed below:

As of now facebook will use 4 uses cases in beginning Peoples,Places, Photos and Interests.

Designed to unearth specific kinds of information

Social data related search

Search limited to data within your social network

No pictures from Instagram as of now

How  does Facebook Graph Search work ?

A new search bar will come up where you can type your question and you will get your answer infront of you. The philosophy behind the facebook graph search is that when you query in google you will get result set that was entered by the stranger. And in facebook graph search you will get the search result based on your social network.

Examples of query you can perform of Facebook Graph Search

facebook graph search for restaurant

Suppose you want to French : You can type “My friends who knows the language French”.  You will get a list of your friends who knows French

Other examples as follows:

People lives in bandra,Mumbai : you will get list of people lives in bandra

People who works in microsoft  and lives in mumbai

My friends visited Italy

My friends like Spiderman

Photos of my friends in new York

People who loves cycling and from my hometown

facebook graph search cycling

Music my friends like

Restaurants in London my friends have been to

Photos of my friends before 1995

Photos of me and my friends.

Lots more


It’s a tremendous benchmark crossed by facebook. I wish their entire team all the best for future enhancements.  I am very excited to get my hands on graph search so you are..

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Life Changing Experience By Sandeep Maheswari

Yesterday night after having my dinner I put a DVD in my PC. That is the DVD of Last Life Changing Seminar of Sandeep Maheswari gifted to me by my wife. It is 2 hrs motivational seminar where thousands of people came to watch the last life changing seminar od Sandeep Maheshwari . I heard the name of Sandeep Maheswari for the first time few days back. Previously I was totally unware of him. I just little bit googled it and found his amazing story of success. I can tell you Its one of the best 2hrs I spent in my life. After watching the entire seminar I cant hold my hand back to share some my heartful feelings about Sandeep Maheshwari..

Who is Sandeep Maheshwari ?

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari, a simple college dropout person from India holding Limca Book Of World Record in fashion photography. He took 10,000 images within 12 hrs that made him record holder. He started his career as freelance photographers and overcome many challenges which made him one of the well known entrepreneurs in India. He founded Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2003 and In 2006, he launched his website www.imagesbazaar.com . The purpose of his website is to provide resources for people all over the world to search,purchase and download Indian Images. Its the warehouse of Indian Images with over 10,00,000 collection of Indian images . At Present ImagesBazaar has its customer in 45 countries. In India Most Of Reputed Advertising & marketing agencies are using imagesbazaar for their professional endeavour.

Journey Of Sandeep Maheswari

2000 – Started as a freelance photographer having his studio on rent.

2001 – Sold his camera and joined Japan Life, a MLM /Network Marketing company.

2002 – Started a company in partnership with three more people but the company closed within a period of six months.

2003 – Wrote a book on marketing and started a consultancy firm. Failed again and got back to what he was really passionate about – photography. Created a World Record in fashion photography (Published in the “Limca Book of Records 2004”).

2004 – Created a small studio set-up at home and started expanding the portfolio making business by hiring few assistant photographers.

2005 – Conceived the idea to start a stock photography website and started working on ImagesBazaar.

2006 – Launched www.imagesbazaar.com with just 8,000 images shot by a few photographers.

2012 – ImagesBazaar.com has got more than 10,00,000 images and videos shot by over 11,400 photographers and filmmakers from all over India. ImagesBazaar is the world’s #1 collection of Indian images and videos. Over 7,000 brands in more than 45 countries have been using ImagesBazaar’s images and videos for their advertising, marketing and publishing needs. To know more, log on to www.imagesbazaar.com

Achievement of Sandeep Maheswari

Sandeep Maheswari was chosen as one of the “India’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs” by the “Business World” magazine in March, 2009. He has been featured in almost all the leading magazines, newspapers and television channels such as The Economic Times, India Today, CNBC-TV18, IBN7, ET Now, NewsX and more.

He is the recipient of the following prestigious awards:
“Star Youth Achiever Award” initiated by the Global Youth Marketing Forum.
“Young Creative Entrepreneur” Award by the British Council, a division of the British High Commission.
“Pioneer of Tomorrow” Award by the “ET Now” TV channel.

Lessons From Last Seminar Of Sandeep Maheswari


1) If we cant succeed in life then its the biggest crime we will commit to ourselves.
2) If someone says you always have think positive to get success then its impossible because it is scientifically proven that every 60000 thoughts are running in our mind and we cannot control it. INSTEAD think whatever you can but take the positive one.
3) Whenever you feel it’s a difficult job for you.. Just Say to yourself “Yeh Asaan hai”.. “This job is very easy for me”. All the difficulties will instantly transfer into easiness. That’s how our minds works.
4) If you want to become successful then you have to become child. His words “Successful hona baccho ka kaam hai”. Because a child always thinks they can do , It is US (ADULT) holding them back and tells them they cant do it.
5) Last words is really Touching If you have more than you need, share it with those who need it most.


It was a mind blowing experience which I cant express within these few lines I request Every Indian to watch this seminar . Believe me .. It will change the way you think.. We all can be successful … Because Successful hona “ ASAAN HAI “..

Thanks to Sandeep Maheswari

Order His free DVD from his Site:


Or watch Online in Youtube:


Its Asaan hai..


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What is PR?

PR means page Rank, It is the algorithm through which google uses to determine which web page is more important than others. Based on these PR and other parameters google determines which page should be displayed on the first page of search results. PR is ranging from 1 to 10. Increase in PR equals increase in value of the website. PR is
proprotional to backlinks.High PR backlinks gives more value to a website. For this reason every web master is looking for High PR backlinks.

What are backlinks ?

Backlinks are the reference links by which other website is linking to your site. Number of backlinks indicates number of votes you get from other website. Example : IF Site A is linked its contents to Site B therefore Site B has 1 back link. The most important factor to keep in mind is ::

“How many high pr backlinks you are having for your site?”.

How Many Backlinks Required for Google Pagerank?

Although google never disclose the exact figure or the process how the algorithm has been calculated butHere I am Posting the page rank chart for google which might give you a fair representation of approximately how it works:

Calculation for High pr backlinks

Now To Get a webpage of PR 3

you need your webpage should have backlinks of:

555 websites which has pagerank 1
101 websites which has pagerank 2
18 websites which has pagerank 3
3 websites which has pagerank 4
1 websites which has pagerank 5
1 websites which has pagerank 6
1 websites which has pagerank 7
1 websites which has pagerank 8
1 websites which has pagerank 9
1 websites which has pagerank 10

If your website is backed by High Pr Backlinks it means you are globally interlinked with thousands of websites. Always Remember these line:

[More High Pr backlinks = More Valuable Sites in Google eyes ]

Process of getting backlinks

1. Blog Commenting : when you give comment on others blog , you need to give name,email,website and your message. so if your comment is approved you will get a baclink to your site.
2. Social Bookmarking : You can make facebook pages and link it to your site or use other social media platforms like twitter,digg,reditt,pinteres etc.
3. Video Sites: Its the most important and easy things to do. Sometimes you find that youtube videos comming up in the first place in your search terms. You can upload videos and link to site
4. Guest Posting : Some of the popular blog allows you to submit a guest post. Guest post will give you High PR backlinks that you always look for.
5. Posting on forums: If you create a thread or reply to thread in forum, you can get backlinks through the signature.

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How to Write Effective subject lines for Email Marketing ?

If you are into the online marketing you probably doing email marketing with auto responders . But How good the content of you email is.. Most of email that you sent
will be ignored the readers if its not writeen properly. You might have discussed about variety of things in your mail but whether that email is worthful or not it is
totally depend on the subject of your email. I will show you 5 essential tips that will hit your subconscious mind that you will the that email. It works on human
psychology .. here is some of tactics while I use in my email marketing process and making most of the readers open my mail

1) Ask question : Subject with question are likely to be opened more. You get an email “Have you ever make $1625 from 1 lead ?” . Psychology Behind this process:-
Human often feel inferior infront of a person who knows better than him. But He refuses this truth and secretly wants to know that information. If you send this type
of email by looking at it “he will ask himself.. whats it which dont know.. let me see once”.. You are done..

2) Use numbers :P eople likes the things which is measured in numbers. If the numbers interpreted properly with subject it gain more attention.

Example:- [VIDEO INSIDE]A homeless man makes $464,000 in just 3 month.

Psychology which works:- “Is it really possible or its fake..If its truth then Can I not make it. Lets see”

3) Negative statement : Eventhough it is negative but make sure it wont hurt your readers personal sentiment. Always give a positive conclusion in the subject.
Example: “You cant make any money online untill you know these tactics… [GET IT FREE >>>]” .
psychology:- “Is this really worthy to know tactics to make money online.. What is there inside .. let me check once”

4) Show Results :- People will like to know what will he get from that piece of information, they enquire is this anyone who uses this system.

Example:- [TESTIMONIES INSIDE]  10 mins work to reduce fat .. Proven Formula giving results to masses.

Psychology:- “If so many people are getting results it means it works.. Let It a try
once.. let see what happens”.

5) Discounts and offers :- People loves to bargains, I personally always opens such type of email which comes with discount. Example:- 50% off on all products for the
first 50 customers.. be there. Psychology : “hey ! its not bad to buy it now.. seems to be a good offer.. lets see what it tells”.

PS: I learned these ideas from Mr David Wood . His training videos helped a lot in developing this blog and earn money from using his system. His free videos is available on the sidebar of this page, it might help you too“.


Why I Prefer Internet marketing rather than MLM ?

MLM – Multi level Marketing or Network Marketing is known for coupple of decades . You success stories of of many people in this industry. You also might aware about the negativity created by these direct Selling Companies. Its very hard to move on for the beginers. This process starts with making of lists , then meet with every known
person, conduct home meetings and all these.

Some of The disadvantages of mlm Listed Below:

*) Company shuts down.

*) High Joining Amount

*) Mandatory Monthly Repurchase

*) Wellness industries product are very expensive eventhough they say health is more important that price ,prevention is better than cure etc but according to indian culture People just ignores it.. if not so.. then first they stop smoking cigarattes where instruction given it causes cancer. what do u say?

*) High Competition because lots of companies are working in this wellnes sector.

*) Potential customers can be only high status people.

*) After joiniing still investment requires to develop business.

*) To Get payment they must be active and qualified.

*) TO get rank they need to purchase product in bulk amount.

*) Question about legality

*) Management Problem…

*) Failed to convince quality people..

Mlm is good if you work very hard. But Truth Is Doing MLM is 10 times harder than Internet marketing. Here I will discuss with the Internet marketing Advantages Over MLM.

Internet Marketing Advantages :

*) Only Eligibility Required is to have PC connected With Internet.
*) One can develop their marketting skills for free.
*) No need to depend on others for your success.
*) Learning these skills will give you life time results.
*) Its a global platform.
*) Promote multiple products without harming your reputation.
*) This industry is booming up every day. After few years every individual should have own website as their
lots more

Primary Benefits of Internet marketing

Its possible to recruit 100′s of people every day automatically without picking up phone,without meetings.Your lists will grow up every day. In Mlm how many people you can contact personally. very soon that list will finish. You need run after others for success. Here people will run after you to get their success.

Cools tactics of internet marketing

In Mlm you need visit a individual person and share your oportunity for 2 hrs whether knowing he likes your offer or not. In Internet Marketing, I will prepare a video for 1 hr and share that in net. Then that video can be accesed by 1000′s of people every day. Out just think if 10% joins I will get 100 new recruitment in my team. I will Do other video and do the same And this will continue. If you do mlm you might How many days it took to
recruit 100 new people directly.

What you Need Learn to get Internet marketing Advantages?

Golden Rule is :: More Traffic More Income

1) How to set up your blog or website?
2) How to rank in Google SERP within 10?
3) Ways to drive traffic to your website.

There are lots tutorials available in internet through which you can get the knowledge.

here I am sharing a link Through which you can take your first steps:

 Click Here

It might take some time to develop these skills but It guarantee that once you mater these skills nothing can beat

YOu are Bound To WIN



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